Young Adult:

THE TAKEDOWN KINGS :: Southern Gothic/Contemporary :: agented–revising
Hamlet meets Fight Club, except Tyler Durden’s a girl and Hamlet’s in love with her.

ARGENT* :: Fantasy :: drafted
Let’s Do an Arthurian Retelling Except With M/M and Chess Dragons.

THE MACHIAVELLIAN CLUB :: Contemporary :: idea
In the world of teacher-student romances, it is so much better to be feared than loved.

UNTITLED :: Contemp/NA cross? :: idea
12th Night meets something when S&A’s Flo becomes a professional Siege player.


SEVEN DEADLY* :: Urban Fantasy :: drafting
Just a chaebol heir in a dia de los muertos world. Call me Callahan.

A THOUSAND SPEARS* :: Litfic/Haha As Long As It Has Magic :: drafted/re-drafting
Phantom of the Opera meets Edith Nesbit’s The Princess and the Hedgepig. (oh just you wait)

UNTITLED :: alt history/fantasy :: idea
stage magicians/mathematicians possibly WWI or a little earlier, roaring 20s maths dear lord

( * = series planned)

(weird installations, obsessions, spaces for playing with form)

Steel City Noir :: a picture-based noir story set in Pittsburgh, told via instagram.
To be in love with this City is to fight a war against yourself.

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