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Here is a terrifying compendium of everything I’ve written on craft. 


Purple Prose

While/Before Writing:
Be Inspired | Research | Stage Magic

Editing & Revisions:
How to Be an Awesome CP | Gutting a Sagging Middle | Some Revision Tools | Making the Most of Revisions | Handling Rejection | Finding a CP | Self-Editing Prose

Building a Body of Work

Giant Lists of Tips:
2015 | 2016 | Nebulas ’17 | 2017 | 2018

My friend Blair Thornburgh also has a video course called Writing Retreat in a Box which I super recommend and endorse if you’re looking to level up your work or get inspired again about a big project.

“But Alex,” you say, “I require even more than this!”

All good, fellow traveler. Here follows a list of things related to writing not made by me but that have been of great help to me in my process.

Craft Library:
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Dave King & Renni Browne
Becoming a Writer by Dorothea S. Brande
The Emotional Craft of Fiction by Donald Maass
The Magic Words by Cheryl Klein

Online Craft Resources:
This chart | Thought Verbs | Actions vs. Choices | Writing an Impacting Love Story |

Industry Resources:
Janet Reid’s Blog | Query Shark | Query Tracker | Publishing Hub | Publishing Crawl | Susan Dennard’s Writing Advice |

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