Eye to the Telescope : “Dragon and Phoenix” Spring 2018
: “The Finch-Keeper” Fall 2016
: “The Machinist”, “The Teller” Fall 2013
Tellus : “The Horseman” Summer 2013
burntdistrict : “The Snake-Keeper”, “The Black Hole” Summer 2012
Common Ground Review : “The Sweetheart” Spring 2012
Midnight Screaming : “The Last Time I Showed You Out” Spring 2012
Print-Oriented Bastards : “It’s Like I’m talking to a Textbook” Fall 2011
Stone Highway Review : “Exchange Rates”, “The Electrician” Fall 2011
Illumen Magazine : “The Traveler” Fall 2011
Dossier : “Driving Implies a Force”, “Delayed Introductions” Fall 2010
Dossier : “He Could Solve a Rubik’s Cube in 18 Seconds” Spring 2010
mint poetry : “Trick-or-Treating” 2009

a w a r d s

runner-up: American Academy of Poets Prize (Professions, CMU 2011)

e k p h r a s i s

3x3x3 : a video CMU students created based on my poem “He Could Solve a Rubik’s Cube in 18 Seconds.” The lines you hear in the video are selected lines of the poem. This was incredibly cool.